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NAUEP Pageant Coach Certification

A well-coached contestant is a confident contestant.


Pageant Certification 
Friday - Saturday, March 22-23, 2024

The NAUEP Pageant Coach Certification is an intensive training, which includes interactive self-paced learning modules that combines lectures, reading assignments, and video-based instruction under the direction of multi-pageant winner and coach, Ocielia Gibson-Sprowl, Miss Black USA 2011.

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Certification Highlights Include


Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long is the Pageant Coach certification?
The NAUEP Pageant Coach certification includes on demand and virtual training that includes seven modules for competition coaching (one month) and 12 for specialty coaching (two months).  

2.  What is the difference between Specialty and Competition coaching?

Competition Coaching includes seven comprehensive modules equips consultants with the skills to work with clients competing locally.  The Specialty Coaching training iis designed for consultants seeking to work with clients on an international level.

3.  How can I use a Pageant Coach certification?
Use your certification to work with pageant hopefuls, to participate inenr with local pageants who will steer clients your way and earn income through your consulting services.

4.  Is there a payment arrangement.
Yes.  Secure your training with a 25% downpayment on your certification package.  There is an additional $75.00 administrative fee for all payment arrangements.  You will have two months to complete paying your package in full at which time you will receive your training.

5.  Will NAUEP own the rights to my coaching income?
No.  Your business is independent.

6.  Is their annual requirement to maintain my certification?
Yes. Coaches pay an annual fee of $299.00 to remain active and must complete two trainings annually.

Will I be able to coach anyone in the country?
Yes, your training covers local to international pageants.

8.  How long do I have to complete my training?
Two months maximum.

9.  What if I don't complete my training in the allotted time period?
You will need to contact the certification department to inform them and let them know how much more time you need.  If you do not contact us, your training will be suspended and you will have to pay an additional $150.00 to restart your training.

10.  How do I register?
Click on the following link to get register.


Pageant Coach Certification Options


Competition Coaching

Learn the basics of pageant coaching.


Specialty Coaching

Gain the tools to coach your contestant to national wins.



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