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Ambassador Course

The Etiquette Ambassador Course is a modern-day etiquette curriculum designed to develop the social skills of scholars in elementary - middle school.  The year-long program is built on the Nine Pillars of Etiquette and empowers youth through hands-on etiquette lessons, engaging exercises, and activities that lead to lifelong success.

The Etiquette Ambassador Course Meets the Need

"91% of parents say they want schools to implement activities that teach kids social skills."  Sourde:  OSMO Study

Equipping Scholars to Model Etiquette Excellence

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Welcome educators, program directors, and parents!  The National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals (NAUEP) is the largest etiquette association in the nation providing more than 1,000 etiquette workshops nationwide annually.


The Etiquette Ambassador Course is NAUEPs premier program that works to integrate etiquette into the culture of the school and/or community organization.

Etiquette Ambassador Course

  • Develops the social skills of scholars

  • Instills etiquette early

  • Decreases negative student/educator interactions

  • Equips students with interpersonal and conflict-resolution skills

  • Helps scholars learn personal and peer responsibility

  • Intervenes in behaviors that lead to bullying

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July 12, 2022  | 6PM 

Start Building your Etiquette Culture

The Etiquette Ambassador Course includes three age-appropriate curricula ideal for schools, churches, and community organizations.  Select your age group or pick up the entire curriculum for your school district. For order information contact, the National Etiquette Ambassador Director at

Get Certified

Become a Certified Etiquette Ambassador  Consultant and partner with NAUEP to impact schools nationwide.


Choose your Etiquette Experience



1st Thru 3rd Grade

Help your little scholars become Ambassadors of Excellence with this age-appropriate curriculum feature etiquette exercises, rewards, and activities.



4th and 5th Grade

Prepare pre-teens for social success with this interactive curriculum that helps junior ambassadors model excellence.


Middle School

6th Thru 8th Grade

Hep your middle schoolers deal with the social angst of middle school.  Help them lessen negative social interactions and build their social competence.

Contact National Etiquette Ambassador Program Director

Colette Martin -

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