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Welcome program or community director, parent, or interested student.  NAUEP offers award-winning etiquette workshops and programs for individuals and groups nationwide.  Click on the program that interest you or schedule an etiquette workshop by filling out our interest form for an upcoming event or program conducted by one of our award-winning etiquette professionals.

Dining etiquette / basic-advanced

Schedule an interactive dining etiquette experience in your home or for your audience that will empower them with basic to advanced dining etiquette skills that will help attendees of all ages dine with grace and confidence.  Taught by the nation's leading etiquette experts, complete the information form to schedule an expert.

Workshops include:

Utensil Identification and Usage

Restaurant Anatomy

Dinner Conversation

Dining Etiquette

Napkin Usage

Costs:  $25 - $125 per person

Contact the National Office with questions:

business etiquette / basic-advanced

From a casual work environment, to becoming a corporate elite, NAUEP offers business etiquette workshop that prepares audiences of all ages and sizes to thrive in a professional setting.  Etiquette experts teach new and established professionals the rules of business etiquette and how to build a career or business of influence.  Schedule your business etiquette workshop today.

Workshops include:

Business Etiquette and Professionalism

Interview Etiquette

Business Attire

Business Communicaiton

Costs:  $50 - $175 per person

Contact the National Office with questions:

image etiquette / basic-advanced

Your image speaks to your credibility, style, attention to detail, and competence.  Empower your career or business with the NAUEP Image Etiquette workshop from the privacy of your own home or for a group.  Complete the interest form to schedule an image etiquette workshop for your personal development or for your group.

Workshops include:

Components of Image

The Power of Color

Crafting an Image that Defines You


Sitting, Walking, and Standing 

and much more...

Costs:  $25 - $125 per person

Contact the National Office with questions:

basic etiquette and manners (children and youth)

Empower children early through etiquette.  In this interactive workshop, kids basic tenants of etiquette and are provided with hands-on practice.  This 45-minute workshop can be conducted in the virtually or in-person for groups.

Workshops include:

Etiquette and Social Graces

Proper Greetings

Civility and Etiquette

Etiquette in Public

and much more...

Costs:  $25 - $125 per person

Contact the National Office with questions:

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or Program Curriculum

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Conduct NAUEPs award-winning curriculum, the Teen Excellence Leadership Course for your school or organization to build confidence and effectiveness in teen leaders.  The 12-session program equips students with critical leadership, social, and professional skills needed for their college career and beyond.

Workshops Include

Etiquette and Leadership

Dining Etiquette

Competiton Etiquette

Social Media Etiquette

Etiquette on College Campus

and much more...

Curriculum:  Instructor Manual and 10 Student Manuals - $375.00

Training and Certification - $1250

Email for bulk orders.

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