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NAUEP Pageant Coach Certification

A well-coached contestant is a confident contestant.



Welcome to your Pageant Coach Certification.  Please click on the following links to access your training and follow the instructions.  Our goal is to empower you in a way that by the end of the training, you will feel confident in launching your business and coaching your contestant to success.

Certification Platform

Welcome to your Pageant Etiquette Platform where you can access all of your pageant certification modules.  Click on the link to review the module of your choice.

You will have one month to complete all the modules and after one month, you will be sent a link for testing.  Once you have completed your exam, submit your all-new coach headshot, and have a one-on-one with Ocielia, you will receive your pageant coach credentials.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us ladies@urbangirlz.


Click on the link to review the Pageant Module

Module I:        Welcome/Certification Overview - (Recording)
Module 2:       
Pageantry Overview - (Recording)
Module 3:       Working with Pageant Clients (Live) - Presentation
Module 4:        Pageant Paperwork - Presentation - (Recording)Resume Samples
Module 5:       Choosing your Pageant Platform   Presentation - (Recording)
Module 6:       Pageant Photoshoot - Presentation - (Recording)
Module 7:        Financing Pageant Participation -  Presentation - (Recording)
Module 8:       Pageant Wardrobe - Presentation -  (Recording) 
Module 9:       Pageant Interviews - Presentation(Recording)
Module 10:     Pageant Talent - Presentation -  (Recording)
Module 11:     Pageant Judging - Presentation - Recording)
Module 12:     Pageant Stage Presence - Presentation - (Recording)
Module 13:     Crafting your Pageant Coach Image (Live) - Presentation
Module 14:     Launching Your Pageant Business (Live) - Presentation
Module 15:     Pageant Etiquette  - Presentation (Recording)


Crafting Your Pageant Coach Image, Launching Your Pageant Coach Business, and Working with Pageant were conducted during the live training session. Therefore, the recording will be the same for all three classes.

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