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Covid's Impact on Politeness

In recent months, turning on the news is like watching the very fabric of "polite society" being shredded. For an etiquette girl, to see people unable to greet each other with a stiff handshake or hug is beginning to take its toll.

There is no surprise some of the fastest growing areas of consulting is Gardening and Image and Style Consulting. People are trying to calm down through gardening and improve their image after being caught on a cell phone punching someone.

To be sure, Covid-19 has caused some people's worst self to emerge. Couple the anxiety caused by Covid with the inability to gather with friends and loved ones, and we are facing an epidemic of socially starved people.

Since personal interactions are at an all-time low, when you do get a chance to venture beyond your doorstep, here are few tips that will make your time pleasant.

5 Ways to Show Politeness During Covid-19

  1. Adhere to local health mandates: I know...freedom of speech and the like, but etiquette is not only about your rights, it's also about helping others feel at ease in your presence. When possible, try to adhere to local health mandates.

  2. Smile and make eye contact: Since no one can see one another completely, making eye contact and smiling while nodding your head slightly will let the person you are engaging know you are nonthreatening and wish them well.

  3. Demonstrate patience: Covid-19 has turned into a multi-month health crisis that no one saw coming. After long months of isolation, rioting, and uncertainty, it is perfectly understandable for someone to be a bit short on patience. But, if you can remember everyone feels exactly like you, you could identify.

  4. Be considerate of other people's space: With the 4 to 6 ft health mandate and just the overall creepiness of standing on the heels of the person in front of you, everyone should be conscious of personal space.

  5. Check on one another: With people being posted to their technology 90% of the day, its easy to forget there are people all around you that may need help. You may live next to a single mother or an elderly person who could use your help.

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