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The NAUEP Ladies Club is a club for girls 10-12 years old that is designed to empower girls with etiquette and relationship skills, social graces, and support!

Become a Ladies Club Coordinator

Hello Future Ladies Club Coordinator:


Growing up can be hard, and girls are facing more social isolation than ever before.  With statistics pointing to their lack of social skills leading to depression and even at-risk behavior, you can make the difference by becoming a Ladies Club Coordinator.

What is a Ladies Club?

A Ladies Club is a social club for tweens 10-12 years old that build their

self-confidence, introduce etiquette skills, and helps them connect with friends.

What is a Ladies Club Coordinator?

A Ladies Club Coordinator is responsible for hosting a Ladies Club in their local area by providing regular club meetings and activities that engage girls.

How often do club members meet?

Local coordinators set the Ladies Club meeting time.

What is the Ladies Club Coordinator Certification

During the Ladies Club certification, learn how to

plan and execute a Ladies Club in your area, review

your material, connect with girls, and get started.

Certification Includes

  • Setting up your Ladies Club

  • Recruiting Ladies Club members

  • Step-by-Step Instructor's Guide

  • Plan for Club Meetings

  • Instructor and Member Workbooks

  • Marketing your Ladies Club

       and much more..

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Ladies Club Certification


February 18, 2023

11am - 1pm CST

(Recording Available)

Register Here


Certification Fees

(Includes Instructor Manual and 5 Student Workbooks)

NAUEP - $325.00

Non - NAUEP - $425.00

Materials Only - NAUEP ONLY

1 Instructor Workbook and 5 Student Workbooks - $225.00 plus s/h

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Become a Ladies Club Coordinator


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