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Etiquette and Social Skills Curriculum

The Ladies Club is NAUEP's signature etiquette and social skills curriculum for tweens and teens 9-14 years old.  The Coordinator Certification is an online training for directors or girl's group coordinators who want to develop the whole girl.

Establish a Ladies Club in your community or  teach the curriculum in your community.  

An Etiquette and Social Club for tweens and teens 10-14 years old.


Become a Ladies Club Coordinator

16-week Curriculum

Become a Ladies Club Director

8-week Curriculum

Materials Only 

(No Training Included)

Ladies Club Starter Pack


 Ladies Club 



1. What is Ladies Club?  Ladies Club is an etiquette and social curriculum for girls and teens 9-14 years old.

2.How many girls do I have to have to host a Ladies Club?  10 

3. Do I have to be a Ladies Club Coordinator to host a club?  No.  You can register your club for $250.00; however, it does not include the additional eight workshops.

4.  Can a director become a coordinator?  Yes. You will pay the difference between the two levels and complete the coordinator's training.

5.  When is the Ladies Club Certification?  Ladies Club Certifications are available three times annually.  The national office will announce the certification dates.

6.  Do I have to call my group, Ladies Club?  No.  You can name your group whatever you would like and include you are hosting a Ladies Club or completing the Ladies Club curriculum.

7.  Do I have to pay additional fees annually?  Yes.  To keep your Ladies Club nationally registered there is a $250.00 annual registration fee.  If you want to be a member of NAUEP there is an additional $125.00 annual fee.

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