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Welcome to the NAUEP Etiquette Certification Portal

Welcome to the NAUEP Etiquette Certification Portal where you will find everything you need to complete your NAUEP certification.  Below is the layout for your certification.  


  • Teach attendees to prepare themselves for a presentation before an audience.

  • Learn to conduct a presentation etiquette workshop.

  • Learn to organize a speech.

  • Learn to avoid common presentation mistakes.

  • Learn tips to giving an effective presentation.

Learning Suite

The Learning Suite is the starting place for each module.  Click on the links under each photo to access the on-demand video, etiquette read, or downloadable resource.  Once you have completed viewing each link, download your class assignment and take the Module Assessment.  Click the next module to continue your training.

Casual Meeting


Click on demand instruction videos with Lady T and selected guests.  Videos range from 10 to 20 minutes and include details on how to conduct workshops, lectures and more.

Businesswoman with Tablet


Here's a great place to read article, studies, and ideas on being the best etiquette consultant possible.

Vintage Table Set


Click here for your etiquette downloads to use as handouts or as a reference.​

Review and Assess


Click here to complete your assignments


After each lesson, click the link to access your module assessment.  Once complete, forward your certification to

Sign your NAUEP forms electronically to get started.  Click each box and submit signature, which will take you to the proper NAUEP email where you submit, name and you agree with the terms.  

Signing a Contract

Now that you know all the rules, it's time to begin your etiquette empowerment!  

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