Tuesday Night's 2020 Presidential Debate...A Lesson in Rude

On Tuesday, September 29, 2020, 30 million Americans tuned in to watch the first of three scheduled 2020 Presidential debates between President Donald Trump and former Vice President, Joe Biden, according to Hollywood Reporter.

For most, this was the first time to see each candidate clearly and concisely plead their case to the American public about why they would be the better commander-in-chief. Instead it quickly disintegrated into name calling, finger-pointing and pettiness of the highest order.

Never in my 30 years of being a political consumer have I seen a lack of civility on full display at an American debate. Though I know these types of squabbles and back-and-forth arguments occur daily in what President Trump calls , "the swamp," as I watched two older men complain and blame, the more I felt led to point out the obvious.


The goal of a debate is to present two sides of a story. During a debate, there are rules that govern your behavior to keep the debate civil, moving forward and productive.

Do not Interrupt Others

Do not call one another names.

Do not

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