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Dallas, TX (May 3, 2021). The National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals (NAUEP), the nation’s largest etiquette association serving urban communities today announced the launch of the “Civility Works” campaign in recognition of National Civility and Awareness Month, May 2021. Started in 2010, National Civility Awareness Month was inspired by Dr. P.M. Forni, a professor specializing in civility at John’s Hopkins University to advocate for grace, kindness, and dignity in the home and office.

The “Civility Works” campaign is an online effort to raise awareness about the civility crisis and provide practical tips for people to use to be more civil. The month-long campaign will feature podcasts, articles, social media engagement, and resources to help the public support civility.

“The recognition of this month is extremely important given the continued decline in civility as seen in the Civility in America 2019: Solution for Tomorrow report, which revealed 68% of respondents admitted they see a lack of civility as a major problem,” explained Trenette Wilson (aka Lady T), NAUEP Founder and CEO and award-winning author of Royal, Black, and Elite: A Tribute to Nobility and Etiquette Pioneers in Black History.

“As our world continues to face challenges, how we treat one another is more important than ever. National Civility Awareness Month gives us an opportunity to remind people of that importance,” said Wilson.

For more information about the “Civility Works” campaign or the National Association of Urban Etiquette Professionals, log on to For media interviews, email Miriam Glover at or call 1.800.291.6492.

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